Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tudung P6 Corak

The material is spandex cotton. Colorful tudung. Since the material is cotton, no doubt for the comfort you'll feel.

Tudung Rabbani

These tudong are very popular since they have various and creative designs. In addition they are not only nice to wear but also
comfortable. Most of them made of cotton. Make them very easy to wash,
simple to wear and the most chosen tudong to wear in rush time moment.

Tudung ASw2

Tudung ASw1

These tudung made from comfortable material. Have a lot of nice and
vary designs. Just try any design you'll find that it is very
beautiful to wear

Tudung Zahrah3

Just feel how comfortable it is .... ;)

Tudung Zahrah2

Not only made from good material, these 'serut' type also offer you wearing stylish and simple tudung

Tudung Zahrah1

These tudung type are made from good material. They are very soft and
not hot to wear. The primary chosen for those who
are concern for the material quality indeed :) .